Bitdefeder Antivirus stopping all links from opening

Bitdefender Antivirus 2017

Win 7 x64

I Installed this yesterday and it is not allowing any links such as from my email program or notepadd++ etc from opening.

I looked all through the settings looking for what could be the cause and shut a bunch of them off to no avail.

Just to be positive that Bitdefender was in fact the problem I uninstalled it and the problem went away.



  • Hello,


    Please contact our support at and also provide them with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.

  • What is the normal time for a support reply. 

    I reinstalled BD and the link problem was gone but it was still blocking some of my browsers from working/loading so I downloaded the tool, followed all the directions, and sent the email at 8:31 PM on the 16th. 

    Have yet to hear back from anybody. 

    I did find a work around of sorts after sending the email by playing around with the settings. I can disable Active Threat Control, load the browsers, and then turn it back on and they will work fine. As work arounds go it is not horrible as I generally leave my browsers open unless I am rebooting but still a more timely response would have been cool. 


    So shortly after my last post I get an email from support. 

    Spend an hour doing the steps requested and zero change with the problem. I reply to the support email letting them know and over two days later no response.

    Is having to wait multiple days to get a support response normal? It is sure starting to look that way...