Firewall and Rules Not working Properly

Always used paranoid mode in all BitDefender versions and now i have several problems with it. This have been happening the launch of BD 2017 TS: 

Each time i reset the rules it wont ask again for access in each programs and it will block access automatically. For example if i allowed chrome to access the internet and now i reset the rules, it will just block chrome without asking or adding new rules.

A second problem i am having is that even if i allowed a program to access internet the firewall wont let him access the internet.

The third problem i am having, each time i turn off and turn on the firewall it will reset paranoid mode and some general settings.

Fourth problem and worst one, sometimes it wont let me install programs, it will say there is a writing error:

Did  2 computer formats and now i am back to bd 2016 until my account expires and ill probably switch to another security solution.


  • I'm not particularly happy with Internet Security firewall, even in 2016 I was experiencing instability.

    I wish my memory would serve me better and I can't say for earlier versions of BD's firewall, but 2017's Security Service (vsserve.exe) uses the Windows Firewall API (FirewallAPI.dll).  Well, in Windows 7.  You didn't mention which Windows you use.  I seem to recall, way back, BD's firewall was BD's firewall.  Period.

    As well, the Windows Base Filtering Engine is present as a host process (svchost.exe).

    Though BD rolls its own filtering platform driver (bdfwfpf.sys) with some additional enhancements (e.g. IGNIS), I think since BD isn't in full control of the Windows side of things, issues might be ongoing.

    I think I might change to Antivirus Plus and run another firewall, yet to be determined, or run Glasswire on top of Windows Firewall.  And Defender Network Inspection Service.

    In fact I would pay for a "BD Antivirus Light" if they'd take Free and allow for some user access to settings (exceptions, permissive/aggressive for AV and ATC, etc.).


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    Yeah BD 2017 is a downgrade in my opinion. I use windows 10 pro by the way. also online support have been lacking in the last year.


    This hasn been fixed even well know installer like vuze gets blocked by bitdefender