Constant scanning SD-card on startup


Since my micro SD card is always inserted into my laptop, every time upon reboot Bitdefender detects it as a new device and commences scanning.


Adding it to exclusions did not help so I had to disable USB device autoscan. This wasn't a problem in the 2016 version where only usb devices would be scanned, is there a way to get around this without turning off the USB autoscan? Thanks.


  • Hi,

    The problem is even worse on my Lenovo W550s. With higher size memories (64 GB or > 16 GB) on the SD cards and/or USB 3 Flash drive, the  scanning process of lots of content or a multi-Gig encrypted container file is slowing the boot process to a halt. Usually the SSD disk boot is max. 30 seconds, with the SD-card or USB 3 drive attached the process takes 5 minutes or so even on a I7-Quad-core. Please give an option to delay the scan until content is accessed or if the PC is somewhat idle. The quick access to start work on a PC is a must - later there is always performance available to scan. Thank you to consider.

  • Hello,


    Please set your "Scan USB devices" to Disabled and let me know if the issue still persists.

    You can find the option in Bitdefender > Protection > View Modules > Antivirus > Drives and devices

  • This information is outdated for BitDefender as of 04/27/21 - can anyone help?

    I have an SD card with prints for my 3D Printer, and after copying to it I can't eject because BitDefender is scanning.

    Ditto with my camera's SD card.

    Is there some way to not have to "rush" to click the popup, then click [stop], click [yes], click [close]...

    Thank you very much!