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I'm curious about a certain .dll that scans as "2 Items" while all other similar .dll's scan as 1 Item ( VST Plugin .dlls) One screenshot shows the typical scan of 1 Item while the other one in question shows as 2 Items.  Any idea why the extra Item ?  I have asked the developer but as of this time he has avoided answering the question.

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    Most likely the dll is a plugin instead of just a library and can be seen as a container with 2 entities.

  • Thanks Sorin but both examples are plugins. VST Plugins are contained in .dll files and read by Digital Audio Workstations as instruments and effects like the two Reverb examples above. I have over 200 VST/VSTi plugins and none of the .dlls I've scanned so far contain more than one Item. The plugin in question is from a new, unknown developer so some caution is in order. As you know .dll files can contain malicious payloads. The .dll scanned 0/55 at Virus Total but the fact that the developer has refused to answer the question gives me some concern. 

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    I would suggest sending the file to our labs for analysis. Just to be 100% sure.