Prevent silent Parental Control enable in multi-PC license account?

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Hello, I bought a multi PC license shared across family a.dult members. The bitdefender central account is shared between us. I've noticed that any of us can silently enable the parental control on the other pc spying or blocking by joke some website.

I want to prevent such behavior but can't find any way to stop it. Why there isn't any confirmation request on the controlled device?




  • Hello,


    There is no such option at this time.

    I will take your post as a feature request.

  • Thank you.

    It's really annoying how the parental control works by now.

    So, there isn't a way to completely disable the parental control on a machine in a way that cannot be remotely enabled?


  • Hello,


    Unfortunately no. The Parental controls were embedded into Central.

    The product only redirects you to Central.

  • Would be nice if every machine get a confirmation, and a protection of the setting to void any abuse.

    ex. the parent enable in a limited account the parental control both in Central and in the Client. Then set a password that can be removed only from an admin.