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How does BD protect against boot time rootkits?


Like the title says: it appears that BD loads after a significant part of Windows gets loaded.

How does it defend (in normal mode of operations, not booting off some rescue disk ...) against rootkits that load before the OS?



  • ccboxes

    What you see is just Bitdefender's Tray program, which is delayed start. The framework starts before most programs.

  • Sure.  But some malware (bootkits like Nemesis) do load before OS.

    How does BD handle those?

  • Sorin G.



    Bitdefender is able to protect against such malware.

    The product is also able to detect changes in the system leading to the install of a bootkit, stop it and remove it.

  • I have bitdefender internet security 2017 installed and i just had this problem.

    I had the Super PC cleaner adware that re-installs itself every time it boot_s.

    not only did BD not even recognise the problem after multiple scans - i had to download 3 other anti-virus programs just to get rid of it.

    this isnt exactly some brand spanking new virus its over a year old.. whats the deal?