What is the new WiFi Advisor and Public WiFi Profile?

I don't understand how does the new WiFi advisor and Public WiFi profile work.

1) So I keep moving between my home, my parent's home, my sister's home, my office etc - which is all home/office WiFi. There is no way to tell Bitdefender that more than one such place is a home network. Not everything is public WiFi. 

2) Homegroups do not work when not in Home WiFi mode. Seriously, the worst firewall ever. 

3) Whenever I go to any of the other networks, it tells me I am connected to an insecure Public WiFi. If I try to check the WiFi Advisor, the advisor says I am in a secure network because of strong password etc. Then why do you keep warning me that I am in an insecure network on one hand and then tell me that I am in a secure network on the advisor? Seems like the two modules don't even talk to each other.