Using SafePAY and another program simultaneously

I track my investments pretty regularly and record performance info in a Excel spreadsheet. I typically will access my brokerage acct and then open my spreadsheet so that the browser with the acct info and the spreadsheet share the screen. I can then type the info I use into the spreadsheet while I am looking at the acct info. When I use SafePAY to access my acct and then reduce the browser size to allow my spreadsheet to be visible the SafePAY browser size does not reduce.  Only the window within the SafePAY browser reduces. In order to access my spreadsheet I have to leave SafePAY and then switch back to look at the acct info again. When trying to record the info from several items in the acct this requirement gets extremely annoying. I think it should be possible to be able to reduce the SafePAY browser size along with the window within the browser. Right now it is much easier and a lot less time consuming for me to not use SafePAY when I do this. Am I missing a setting somewhere?


  • May not be the answer your looking for..... the price of an additional monitors is very affordable  and you would no doubt experience a substantial enhancement to your computer use across the board. Just a thought. :D