I Need To STOP Idle Scan , How Can I deactive it ?

I Need To STOP Idle Scan , How Can I deactive it ?

you want destroy my hard disk ???

when real-time scan is active ... the idle scan is not necessary ! and why in bitdefender 2017 this option removed ? now , How Can I deactive idle scan ?



  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G.
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    The Idle Scan feature has been removed from our products since the 2015 version.

    You are actively accessing files the product will scan them to ensure they are clean.

  • Mahdi
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    if this feature totally removed , it's very good ... but see this picture : after leave PC for more than 3 min , why "system" process use my hard disk ? (and when i come back to pc this process not any more use my hard disk) ,  this problem is not for bitdefender ?

    Screenshot (10).png

  • Hello,


    System is not part of Bitdefender. That is your operating system.

    There are some applications that cause System to eat a lot of resources, one of them being Picasa as it doesn't support W10 and needs to be updated to Google Pictures.