Email scanner, how, where?

I am using Mail Washer 6.5.4 and W10 64. Recently MW has been very slow to process mail. I have 4 accounts and use Outlook 2010. OL has no problems downloading, does it in seconds but MW hangs, I was advised to check my Anti Virus email scanner settings but have not been able to find any email settings or references to email within BD TS 2017, where are they and how do I check them?


  • Hello,


    You can find the Anti-Spam feature in Bitdefender > Protection > View Modules > Anti-Spam

    You should also disable the On Access Scan as it also partakes in scanning your PST  Bitdefender > Protection > View Modules >  Anti-Virus

    Let me know how it all goes.

  • Thank you for your suggestions, I have disabled Asian and Cryllic emails. But am not sure about turning off On Access Scan, this would seem to be live scan protection?

    I think I may have found the problem or it may be a total coincidence, one of my email accounts had not been password changed following the Yahoo hack, once I had changed my password with my ISP and done so on Outlook and MW that seemed to have speed-ed things up in MW :). I will see how it goes, hopefully it will be okay again now.