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Only scans C:\ partition

edited December 2016 in Protection

It appears Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 only scans the C: partition on my computer's one physical drive (SSD). I try to restrict that partition to operating system software. I use other partitions on the physical device  for user application programs and data. How do I scan these other partitions with Bitdefender???


  • In BD > Protection > View Modules > Manage Scans > New Custom task > Select schedule if you want and select partition you want to scan and in the Advance choose what options you need

    I think that is what you asked for.



  • Hi Maki,

    Yes - exactly what I needed to know. I haven't yet found the Bitdefender documentation- or perhaps just haven't figured out how to find what I want in the documentation I do have. At any rate, thank you very much for the help.


  • Hello,


    You can find the user guide below.