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Some BD 2017 questions/problems ?

Hello there forum users!


So I have purchased the family pack 2017 and I have some problems with the product functions:


If I understood this correctly, if i write a SMS from whatever phone to my own phone with "DB-123456 LOCATE" (or any other like LOCK or SCREAM etc.), my own phone should get this SMS and it should send the location to the sending phone?

If this is true, then this function is basically useless because the thief will see my code in the receiving SMS !!!

So what is the point of this if the thief can see my code and unlock my phone anyway?


Why is the BD on my PC always asking to "Allow" or "Deny" the same software every time I start that software ?

I am using "Paranoid Mode" because I want to see everything but when I select an option, shouldn't it stay and remember my answer?


The BD Central is very,very weird!

When I log in, I can see my main PC and my own phone (for now, I plan to have at least 20 devices).

When I press LOCATE on my main PC, I get the right IP BUT wrong Street? Why?

The IP is right but the street I get is like 10 streets away from my location.

Is it because main the router is there ?


In DB Central, when I choose my device and go to QUICK SCAN and press SCAN, I get the PENDING info.

It is 2 days now since I first saw this message, nothing changed ??? The PENDING message is still there.

Same goes for SYSTEM SCAN and ONECLICK OPTIMIZER and even my Phone.

What is happening ?


If I choose to LOCK a device, what will happen ? 

Will I get a new code to unlock it or will I need to use the same code I send the commands with? For example: DB-123456 LOCATE. Will I use the 123456 ?


I have purchased the Family Pack on 24. Dec. 2016 and I still did not get any eMail with my new code.

Any help with this please ? Who and where should I contact about this ?



Best regards,



  • Maki711
    Maki711 ✭✭
    edited December 2016

    Any help with this???


    I still did not get my key ???

    Who should I contact for the key ??? I want the key or my money back!

    Ticket: 2016122814560005


    Still no information about this...

    This is getting annoying !!! 

    Where is the staff here ???

    What is the meaning of this ? Taking the money but giving the key ? What kind of company is this ?

  • Finally got the key...

  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G.
    edited January 2017



    1. Recent versions of Android no longer permit us to hide messages.

    As a workaround you can disable sensitive content from the lockscreen or send the command from Central.

    2. Paranoid mode will not save any setting, it will ask for your input for every decision.

    3. Is your main PC connected via wire or Wi-Fi? If you go to are you able to locate yourself properly ?

    4. Delete the device from Central, afterwards use the Switch Account option the product itself (under Account) and retry

    5. If you send the command though SMS you will use the DB-. If you send the lock command through Central you will be asked to add a 4 digit code.

    6. Sometimes the orders take a little while to be processed as a result the key is sent with a delay.

  • Maki711
    Maki711 ✭✭
    edited January 2017

    Hello and thank you for the reply.


    My main PC is connected via wire.

    I am not really sure what you mean by "locate myself". When i try to to backtrace my IP I somehow get that my IP is 200km away from my position. Weird...

    But when i try to locate my PC thru BD central, I get real IP but wrong street, aprox. 10 streets away. I guess there is the main router.


    If my laptop has gps, wi-fi and Bluetooth, will BD Central be able to accurately pinpoint my laptops position like with my phone ?


    Is there any way to set up my DB to ask me for everything but still to remember all my choices ?

    I want to see everything that wants to access the internet but when I allow or deny something I would like to save that setting.


    How is DB protecting me when I am on the internet ?


    On my phone, i always get the message that i should turn anti-theft on even thou i already did that. It is on. I am still getting suggestion to turn it on.