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file vault already opened


When I try to open a file vault I receive the message: "file vault already opened".

I tried unlocking the file and it stays locked. Restarting the machine and unlocking the file did not fix the issue.

Creating another file vault worked.

The file vault is on a "subst" drive. It can not be used from it's actual location, nor from the virtual location.

Please help me unlock it.

Thank you!




  • I got the exact same problem - any solution?

  • Hello,


    Please contact our support team via with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool attached.

    Please also inform the team about the version of the product used to create the vault initially.

  • maxx
    edited August 2017

    After having this happen to me and trying to find a fix for hours finally i tried making a copy of my vault file and pasting into same directory on same drive then try to open it.

    Worked like a champ got files back made new vault not sure why it does this every so often but i know the fix works. so if original file was mine.bvd on drive e: i would right click

    copy then goto drive e: and right click paste mine - Copy.bvd then unlock that should now work get files and delete old vault make another. Just figured i would share i had

    some important stuff on mine not sure what caused it but happens since 2015 not sure why. Win 10 64

  • the trick maxx described worked for me also