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After installing "bitdefender total security 2017"

1 ° Module concerned ... "WEB protection, 1 attack blocked",

  After displaying the attack and being aware of the type of attack, it is impossible to delete this notification, no function "Delete"

Reply Bitdefender: Alert persistent for 30 days, what use ??

2 ° Module concerned ... Vulnerability, and  Wi-fi security advisor

 The latter tells me that a Wi-Fi sfr Fon (Wi-Fi public) was found? And not secure, however, in this module "Wi-fi security advisor" appears the following functions

  "Do you want to delete this profile" and "Delete"

The problem is that it is impossible to delete this profile?

Can you help me


  • Same here, How do you delete the Blocked web attacks listed on the web protection module.  A reply would be nice for a change...........................

  • Sorin G.



    At this time there is no option to reset the counter on the main interface. A feature request has been sent in that regard.

    The alert shows all blocked threats in a 30 day period.

    For more details about each module please consult the Bitdefender user guide.


  • Hello Sorin G,

    I am dismayed that you feel the need to issue me with an irreversible penalty point for "abusive behaviour", which I and I guess everyone else never knew existed. I assume that you refer to my simple comment above which was used in an attempt to get a response. Levity is the word commonly used in the English speaking world, maybe bordering on sarcasm, either way, It seems to have worked as you have published an answer! Thank you. Please direct me to the location of the forum rules which specify the grounds on which you have unilaterally issued this penalty point so that I can decide if it is worthy of follow up. I also note that the penalty notice is not actually published on the forum, rather that it is decided and recorded in secret?