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How to scan single file or folder?


This is what I am getting from HELP in BitDefender Internet Security 2017



How do I scan a file or a folder?

The easiest way to scan a file or folder is to right-click the object you want to scan, point to Bitdefender and select Scan with Bitdefender from the menu.

To complete the scan, follow the Antivirus Scan wizard. Bitdefender will automatically take the recommended actions on detected files.


Well I don't get anything with BitDefender in the contex-menu when right-clicking a file or folder. I don't know wht that is? Maybe because I'm using Danish versions of Windows 10?

It is the same at both my computers, and both are standard installations of BitDefender

So how do I scan a single folder or a single file?? :(


  • ozziebear

    Hi...If you have the BD security widget displayed on your desktop, you can drag and drop files on the widget and BD will scan them.

  • Sorin G.



    Please ensure you are running the live version of Windows 10. It shouldn't matter what language it is set to.

    Please also ensure you are right clicking on a file using Windows Explorer and not a 3rd party (Total Commander etc)

    As ozziebear pointed out you can also drag&drop items into it.

    contextual scan.png


  • Okay. Why is there a difference between f.i. TotalCommander and Windows Explorer? All other programs I have works fine with context menu in Total Commander ..


    I will try that "drag&drop" to the widget :-)

  • Sorin G.



    3rd party file explorers are not supported at this time.

    A feature request has been sent to our devs to add support for them.