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Bit Defender Account


Why do I have to sign into a Bit Defender account just to have the program running on my computer?

Why does Bit Defender think that they need to collect more personal information about its users than they already have?

I bought Bit Defender for protection not user tracking.

User and usage tracking is a deal breaker. Keep it up and I'm no longer a paying customer.

My personal information and my usage is my personal and private business.

Don't be evil like AlphaBet Google.

If you think that you need this information to create and offer a better product then you are in the wrong business and not protecting your customers best interest.


  • Sorin G.



    Bitdefender is tied to Central as it uses the cloud engines for several of its tasks.

    Bitdefender does have a usage report, however that can be disabled at the moment of installation. Simply uncheck "Anonymous usage reports" before clicking install.This is completely optional.

    Should you have missed that option during the install you can always disable it from the General Settings in the Advanced tab.