3 wallets appear on a freshly installed machine? Bought from ebay!

I hope you can help me, this has got me worried that my personal information may have been compromised. I couldn't afford a full price copy of your software so I bought one from ebay, it was a 3 year licence for 3 machines. I was sent an email with a download link and the software did not require activation. I'm assuming someone on ebay has sold me a copy of a family licence or something and they have the wallets synced over from their machines or from other people he has sold them to.

Safepay will also not open for me but it worked fine on a trail version I had installed just a day eailier, I have posted the error message I get below.

Operation System: Windows 10 Pro

Sofware Version: Bitdefender Total Security 2017

PC Spec: Intel i7 4.2, 16GB DDR4 RAM, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX

The wallets in question:


The account information:


Showing my wallet not having been setup yet.


File Details:


The Safepay error, which may be another issue all together I don't know.




  • Hello,


    eBay is not a authorized reseller for Bitdefender. The Wallets most likely belong to the original owner. The Wallet will ask for a password to be accessed if you have a strong password there is no need to worry.

    The SafePay error you received is due to Malwarebytes please uninstall it as it is not advisable to have more than one security solutions on the same machine.

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