Please, for pity's sake, make update pop-ups not keyboard-responsive

Today was the day.  I have hit my limit, and need to un-install BitDefender from my laptop.  Why, you ask?

Picture standing in front of a room full of executives giving a presentation.  You're typing data into the application on-screen, when suddenly a BitDefender update window pops up right about the time you hit the space bar.  Your computer IMMEDIATELY shuts down to reboot, not even giving you enough time to save your work in open applications, since it's a forced-shutdown that will even kill processes with a Save dialog open, in its haste to reboot your system.  And then you stand there like a jerk, vamping in front of a bunch of frustrated client execs, waiting for your laptop to reboot, so you can get back into 3 applications and a PowerPoint.

Sound like fun?

But wait!  It's not the first time!  The forced-shutdown nature of the prompt kills active SSH sessions.  It nukes Office applications with unsaved data. Basically, it will slice through your system like a hot knife through a marshmallow bunny, killing anything it finds with wanton abandon.  It is relentless.  It does not take no for an answer.

When that dialog appears in the middle of your typing, if you hit ANY key on your keyboard other than 'n', it will immediately initiate a forced shutdown.

This is not fun.  This is not good.  Please fix it.  Updates are important, I get that... but they're not so important that they have to brutally bodyslam your system to the mat, like the late, great, Jimmy Superfly Snuka.

tl;dr: Please remove keyboard responsivity from that dialog.



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