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My subscription got deleted



I first contacted Bitdefender support via chat to explain my issue and find a solution, but they could not solve it and said "I need to escalate this issue to my colleagues from the Sales Department. So, after we end this chat session, I will forward your case to them and they will contact you in the shortest time possible via email with more details.". But they never did. So i opened a new ticket, sent the chat log again, but again no answer. Then i decided to create a topic here and i did but it get deleted. I don't know why, there was no explanations or warnings about forum rules. I posted everything before so i guess that was the reason.. I am creating this topic again this time and just asking my question simpler.

I had a Bitdefender Mobile & Antivirus subscription for 6 months. It was an offer by you and i claimed it. The guy at chat support asked me for proof of purchase of that activation code but as i said it was an offer and i only have the email you sent to me which contains the activation key. Anyway i liked the app and wanted to purchase 1 more year subscription to add my previous subscription's left days. Then i purchased 1 year subscription from google play as i said and when i did this i still had months left but the process gave me only 1 year subscription and deleted my old subscription's days.

As i said, my open tickets on Bitdefender support did not get replies. So i write this topic to find guidance or any ideas to solve my issue because this is not fair and i can not contact any support.

If needed the ticket numbers for my open tickets are 2016123022320001 and 2017011411060002.

Thank you for your interest, have a good day.


  • Hello again,

    Finally i got a respond from one of my tickets, saying that my issue is solved in a generous way. So i checked and indeed my issue is solved thus this threat can be closed.

    Thank you,

  • Sorin G.



    Glad to hear that the situation has been resolved.

    Please keep in mind for future posting that commercial issues have no place on this forum due to their privacy requirements.

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