Can't shred files in Recycle Bin

From Windows Explorer, in normal folders, if I right-click on a file, I get a pop-up menu panel that includes Bitdefender with a submenu whose first option is File Shredder.  Great.  That gives me the opportunity to obliterate files with personal info.

But in the Recycle Bin (folder), if I right-click on a file, I am not given the same menu panel -- my choices are limited to Restore, Cut, Delete, and Properties.  If I want to shred one of the Recycled files, it seems like I have to first restore it, then FIND it (if I can remember which folder it came from), and THEN I can shred it.

I have hundreds of files in the Recycle Bin, and I have a complex directory structure including hundreds of folders.  To shred these previously recycled files would take a very long time.  The best process I've come up with is to sort the Recycle Bin by original location, select all the files that came from a single location, restore all of them at once, and then go to the original folder and shred them.  Of course, they will now be intermixed with all the other files in that folder, so I must carefully select them for shredding.  This is insane.  Surely there must be a way to shred all recycled files...and I've just overlooked it.  Right?