What is Windows 10 Local area conection 10 doing in firewall?

Ok I had so many problems since I installed BIS2017, evreyones nows the limited conection,network fail & all that stuff that hapens on windows 10.

You usually have to set on adapters  "Ethernet" from public to home or trusted just like here bitdefender pseudo tuneling

so if pseudo tuneling apears also put on trusted for things to work. But today I had some major fail on the network afther many trys to reinstall network driver from windows updates, decided to test the network driver from my msi z87-g43. Work a bit afther pc restart but  afther a few hours no connection in chrome.

Took a look again in bis adapter settings to find out that insted of pseudo tunneling there is a " local area conection 10" now, I say wtf I now that there are some processes from windows 10 but what it's doing in my adapter. I seted on untrusted & net working now but what are this proces doing there as all critical & warnings show as bloked. 

bis adapter.jpg


  • Hi,

    Did you performed a clean installation of the product? 

    Is there any AV installed on you machine?

    Please make sure that there are any left overs left on the machine before installing the product.

    If problem persists, please contact support.

    Cheers! default_happy.png

  • hi! local area connection 10 is the same as teredo and it should be set on trusted!