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What actions can Autopilot take automatically?


Hi there,

"We've got this" and brief mention of  me not having to fiddle with settings and tasks is frankly not very informative.  Searching online help is no better - only two articles are returned when I searched for "Autopilot", one about what to do if Autopilot is automatically disabled, another about how to restart in safe mode.

So I can't find a list of actions Autopilot might take. In particular, I see no mention of whether Autopilot may at times automatically restart my PC (eg to perform an upgrade) when I may not be present.  Which could cause me to lose work if the machine is restarted unexpectedly, or lose open browser pages and viewing context in apps I have open. I'm a heavy multitasker, and my tasks span days and sometimes weeks, so I usually have a lot of open windows whose context I don't want to lose.

Can you provide a pointer to some better doc for Autopilot (if there is one), or confirm here whether or not it might restart my PC?  Because if Autopilot might cause a restart, I won't use it. That's what I came to 2017 to avoid - dangerous restart behavior that causes loss of work in the Bitdefender 2016 popups.