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Stange letter


I have Bit Defender and the program says I have 151 days left , yet yesterday I received a letter saying my BD license had expired and I needed to purchase the product again??!!


What is going on?  A scam? An error?

Thought you might want to know..





Your Bitdefender protection has EXPIRED!

You are at risk! RENEW NOW!




We’ve noticed you haven’t purchased a new Bitdefender subscription since your old one expired.


With Valentine’s Day approaching we thought we’d surprise you with a special offer to get you to come back.


We care about your security, and we think you deserve the best protection available today, at an unbelievable price.


Get back on board and rediscover our award-winning security solution. Today, Bitdefender is better than ever, it offers unbeatable malware detection and will protect your devices against all threats, including ransomware. All without slowdowns or battery drain.


Buy Bitdefender today and enjoy the freedom to do your thing, knowing you are always protected.


Safely yours,





Bitdefender Antivirus

Plus 2017

3 Devices / 1 Year


Bitdefender Total

Security 2017

5 Devices / 1 Year


Bitdefender Internet

Security 2017

3 Devices / 1 Year


Any product: $24.98!





Your thing is to enjoy life and your devices, and ours is to secure them so you never have to

worry. Keep doing what you love. We've got the rest covered.


Do your thing, protected

The Bitdefender Team




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  • Sorin G.



    Looking at the hyperlink it is legitimate.

    Most likely you had a expiring old key/subscription.