Can't Change my password...

Going to install BD 2017 and went to create an account on Central. Apparently, I have an account rom a ways back so I did the reset password option.


When I click the email, it takes to a page to change my password but when I click the reset password button, I get...

" Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later." I have done the reset email twice now and I keep getting it.


Please take a look at your servers and see what is going on.




  • Hello,


    Try to create a Central account now.

  • I'm not trying to create an account, I'm trying to reset my password.


    And now when I ask it to send a reset password email, it's not sending it.

  • Hello,


    On the email used on the forum there is no Central account.

  • I initially went to create a Central account but it told me my email already had an account associated with it. So I tried to reset the password on it. I get the reset email but I get the above error when I click the reset password button after entering a new password.

  • Hello,


    Hence the reason I informed you to try to create the account again.

    There is no account under that email address, you encountered a glitch that has been resolved.

  • Ok, so now it let me create a new account with my email. You must have cleared it(which you would have said that :) ) But I have an account now.


    Thanks you for the quick response.