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How safe is Bitdefender Wallet?


  • morrigan25


    Bitdefender wallet is safe and secure. This tool secures people’s identity, money and other personal items they keep in the on-line  setting

    by offering a secure encrypted environment for users to gather and store all their sensitive data in handy place.

    This is also very convenient, instead of numerous passwords and usernames, people only need to remember one password to access the Wallet.

    Cheers! default_happy.png

  • knagsted

    But it don't work with Firefox. Only IE.

  • dbrisendine

    Privacy > Password Manager > Settings (gear symbol) > Plugins.  There you can enable what browsers to use the Wallet with (it does require the plugin / extension to be installed in or added to the browser)..

  • knagsted
    knagsted ✭✭
    edited July 2017

    I have done that but weeks ago it stopped working. I have reinstalled both Firefox and Bitdefender without any luck. It works if I deactivate the plugin and activate it again in Firefox. When Firefox starts up I am prompted for the masterpassword (everytime) but the wallet is'nt there and it don't work. It is the same on my two Pc's. 


  • Maybe you have the same problem I do. After signing into Wallet - close the Firefox browser and reopen it. The icon appears in the toolbar. I have to do this every time and it's getting annoying. I posted to see if there is a fix.

  • knagsted

    What if you deactivate and reactivate  the wallet  in the addons menu in Firefox? If I do that the icon shows up and the wallet works.