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It's fine to get a few updates, I understand but... I get them *everyday*. And when I do reboot that day, I get them much later than day /again/. Constant updates asking to reboot and it's become an issue. It interrupts what I do. It pops up, interrupts my game or what I'm writing, anything what I'm doing and I have to click it away. Nothing should be that interfering.

When I'm just simply just typing, it has popped up on SIX separate occasions to take the space bar or enter as a sign of 'yes' and reboots without anymore prompting. It shuts down EVERYTHING despite me not prompting it at all, it just came up. Whatever I was doing, I lose it. Thankfully, they do emergency document saves these days but this shouldn't even be a problem in the first place.

Even windows asks 'are you sure you want to shut down?' and even helps close some things that are still open, this sudden shut can't be good for anyone's computer.

I do click the other option, but when I tell it to remind me later, it reminds me randomly. It may pop up again a few minutes later, or a few seconds, or sometimes a few hours. Having something more periodic will help but these constant need for reboot updates needs an actual plan.

I've been told the 'repair' button may help but A) I can't find it and B ) it doesn't seem to be a solution. I don't know what is so crazy important that it demands constant reboots all the time, but it can't be that important.

I'm not tech savvy, but even I know this is ridiculous.



  • Hello,


    What Bitdefender product do you have installed ?

    What Bitdefender build do you have installed?

    What Windows build are you running on that machine ?

  • Hi, 

    I am having a similar problem. After updating my  2016 to 2017 total security because of the annoying reboot 2 to 3 times a day, i am still having the same problem. Since updating today i have already done 3 reboots in 4 hours i am getting to the point where i am going to another security provider . 

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    /index.php?/profile/203191-simba/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="203191" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/203191-simba/" style="" rel="">@simba Please go to Central and download and attempt to install the product like you would do for a clean machine. Stop the installer when it detects the current installed version and reboot. This will only update the Agent.

    Should the above steps fail to fix the reported issue I advise doing a fresh reinstall. Using the uninstall tool to clean the machine.


  • Hi Sorin,

    I have done a fresh install on another computer I have( that was also getting constant updates)  at approx. 8pm my time and already I have a 2 updates that need a reeboot by 9.18pm, does this sound normal.

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    Yes, after installing the product it begins to update itself to latest version.

    We had some EFX updates to fix some issues and those updates are most likely the ones you are seeing there.

    I would advise opening the Notifications and clicking on the Restart Now present in the "A update requires restart" notification.

  • Hi,

    Okay i will try this. 

    Thank you.


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    The problems with Bitdefender2017 began pretty much when I installed it on my computer 3/6/2017.  It crashed, called for constant reboots, reinstalls, etc.  Most recently, 3/21/2017 I spoke with a tech who unable to resolve the problem on the phone (LOL) told me uninstall the program.  Over the course of the various and multiple attempts to fix the issue -- I uninstalled and reinstalled the product 4 times and did the 'repair function; at least dozen times.   All to no avail.  With the latest advice (3/21/2017) to uninstall the program and leave it off the computer until the issue can be resolved my machine became completely unprotected (excluding the Windows defender).  Yet my subscription continues to tick away ...

    As a result I felt that a firewall/anti-virus product was needed.  I ended up with another security solution

    Uninstalling a firewall and anti-virus because it doesn't work is not a solution. 


  • garioch7
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    I personally don't agree with your solution.  Millions have been using Bitdefender products, or their anti-virus scan engine in other products, without issues, for years, including me.  The problem might lie with your computer configuration.  Bitdefender is one of the TOP anti-virus solutions in the world now, and it has been for many years.  If your allegations were true, then these Forums would be full of complaints (try looking at the Malwarebytes 3.0 Forum).  They are not.  That says a lot when there are so many users!

    If you take the time to "google" Norton, you will find that they have their unhappy customers as well.

    I have used Bitdefender for years.  Yes, there are issues from time to time, some because of issues that Bitdefender did not foresee, but they are fixed very quickly when it is brought to their attention.  Other times, the cause is the user's computer configuration.  Bitdefender cannot be responsible for that.

    The detection rate of Bitdefender is top notch and their program is well worth the price.

    I am NOT an employee of Bitdefender, nor do I get their products for free or at some special discount.  I have installed Bitdefender on many computers, including my own two computers, for clients who I assist personally and the product works as advertised and I receive no complaints.

    I would suggest that you verify that your computer is stable and healthy before you issue such recommendations.

    Just my two cents, as someone who works with malware-infested computers on a daily basis.  Please understand that these are just my personal views, but I think it unfair for you to blame Bitdefender products for your issues, without substantive proof, which would not be hard to find on the web, or on these Forums, IF Bitdefender was as bad a product as you allege.  As for your choice of a replacement, there are better ... but that again is a personal opinion.

    Have a great day.



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    You can have a great experience. The program does not want to work on 2 of 3 of my machines .. one runs Windows 7 professional, the other Windows 10.  I loved bitdefender 2015 and 2016 great products never an issue.  It is 2017Bitdefender that is full of bugs it seems.  Has not worked on my machines.   When the Bitdefender techie could only advise an uninstall (and to leave it uninstalled until a solution was found) this convinced me that a competent product was needed.  Fixed very quickly .. LOL .. I am still waiting for the techies to figure out why Bitdefender wont work on my machine (I have not asked about the second one, since it is likely the same issue and I dont have the time to f. around with 2 non-functioning programs across two computer at the moment. It is also easier to deal with one system at a time. Hate to confuse the techies or myself as to which computer the fix is for). 

    Hence my switch to Norton. If anyone else is having an issue with Bitdefender that cannot be resolved one needs to dump the junk and find something that works.    I have used both programs over the years ... both a great.  Both have had their issues.  I use what works.  Hence my comment that if Bitdefender2017 is not working, techies are clueless and advise complete uninstall ... go buy NORTON or another program (and yes stay away from Malwarebytes & a few others).   

    I stand by my comment that BITDEFENDER2017 is junk.

  • I also had this problem, the constant requests to reboot, during 2 weeks.

    I tried everything, but reinstall again the Bitdefender. I don't know if I would lose the remaining license days.

    Suddenly, the problem disappeared. The last thing I did, was clean up from Firewall/Rules all unknown programs.

    I don't know if it was that, but it worked.

    Reinstall would have the same effect, to clear all Rules of the Firewall.

    Now, Autopilot of Bitedefender Total Security, is making his quiet and effective work.