Some enlightment about the Firewall Advanced Rules


Currently, I need to open ports in order to play Ghost Recon Wild-lands. As advised by my router's manufacturer, I need to set a rule besides the port forwarding on my router. I'd like to avoid to totally disable my Firewall.

I need to open the following ports for GRW.exe, and possibly Uplay.exe :

  • TCP: 80,443,14000,14008,14020-14024

  • UDP: 3074-3083

My problem :

I have trouble understanding what Custom Local Address and Custom Remote Address mean.

  • Is Custom Local Address supposed to be my Gateway's (router) IP or my PC's IP ?

  • Is Custom Remote Address supposed to be my Gateway's IP or my Public Internet IP ?

Also, how come Custom Local Address only accepts a single port

I'd really appreciate if you'd be explicit about it. :)

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello CREAM.

    The way I understand it is that custom local address is your PC`s IP, and Custom remote address is your Public IP, but don`t take me for granted.

    Also you can find quick walkthrough on how to open ports in bitdefender firewall on this link:

    Hope you find it helpful.

    Cheers! :rolleyes:

  • Hi,

    To address your concern, please refer to the details below:

    Custom Remote Address - Specify the remote IP address and port the rule applies to.

    Custom Local Address - Specify the local IP address and port the rule applies to.

    Direction - Select from the menu the traffic direction the rule applies to.

    Protocol - Select from the menu the IP protocol the rule applies to.

    Furthermore, custom local address accepts multiple ports as far as I know.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers! default_happy.png