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Bucketfull of problems with program

edited March 2017 in General

-Sinds 4-8 weeks I had to relog a zillion times, (up till today!)

-autopilot get's switched on by default all the time, (why Default this to 'ON'? Every time it's a speed vs clock to find the 'OFF' again after BD/pc reset after update/reboot! By the time I find it it's already doing stuff!!!)

-windows updates get's toggled on at will

(Why do you like windows updates so much??? MS SNOOPS!! I got very valid reasons to NOT want to update that! And most certainly not OUTSIDE MY WILL ON THE BACKGROUND!! Default settings should be 'OFF' for ALL users on ALL times!!! Do not presume to know what is good for us. Not all of us are stupid! A red little light we can toggle 'off' reminding us that windows update is 'off' and if we want to keep it that way is way more user friendly then just making decisions for us in the dark),

-SSL makes sure sites do not work, (after repair I have to hunt for this one too again, cause it will be 'ON' again killing half the internet :( )

-trusted programs list get's emptied after repair/reinstall, so I can do THAT zillion hours homework again....

Major baaaaadddd feelings about BD.

Every second day I have to reboot+reset all automatec stuff to 'OFF' again!