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Parental Control not working



Since the last updates of the product, time schedule function added to parental control of BDIS 2017.

This function effectively destroyed properly function of parental control, without any setting activated, my computer locked. Modifying the hours, no effect.

Now is totally unusable parental control.

Please, don't ask for logs, fix the problems of the product!

Fresh installation of the windows 10 pro x32.




  • deos

    I have exactly the same problem.

    - Only one child account

    - parental control enabled for one account only

    - No time restrictions enabled anywhere


    My non-child accounts are locked

    The whole setup is non-intuitive with restriction to either whole computer to be for kids or for one child only. There are no scenario involved sharing computer with 2+ kids


  • Sorin G.



    /index.php?/profile/208708-deos/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="208708" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/208708-deos/" style="" rel="">@deos Please contact our support team via with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.

    Please also provide them with a screenshot of your Parental configuration from Central.

  • JackB

    I'm getting the exact same problem. One child profile setup, no Time Schedule set but all other accounts on PCs are being locked out at 11pm.

    Please fix this as soon as possible.

  • Doom79

    Exactly the same problem 

    Bit defender Central to set up parental control for one child 

    selected her account in two computerA, windows 7 32-bit and Windows 10 64-bit. Blocked websites but no time scheduling set up

    outcome: wife locked out of her account at 11ish so delay urgent work for her business client. Me locked out other pc whilst watching a movie!

    tried disabling parental controls but wife couldn't get back in. Restarting computer allowed me back in but wife had important unsaved work so reboot not an option. Very irritated.

    Secondly, also tried to add websites to white list for my daughters account as school related site blocked. Useless as it still blocked the site even though it was set to allow!

    i have a ticket raised for both but I believe this is a buggy software feature released too early without proper testing. Please fix!

  • JackB

    Still happening - having to turn off the parental advisor. Will have to start shopping around for a new Anti Virus as this is unusable at the moment.

    The bug forces all users (except for the child ironically) to Shutdown after 11pm. I've lost work due to these forced shut downs.

  • deos

    I've provided all the logs and everything. They've promised to come back to me which didn't happen.

    Very bad customer support!!!


    I have to disable the parental control.

    There is a work around it. Just logon from your mobile to and switch off the restricted user profile from your device. This will return back to normal almost instantly from my experience. This will disable parental control, but at least I was able to save/finish of my work after 23h.

  • grhh17

    Same problem here. All my three children had blocked accounts, scheduling was turned off.

    And there are new problems: activities are not listed, consumed time is much too low and on one computer parental control turns off randomly

    I wrote to the support because of some other problems and it took over two weeks for a response

    I don't like the support. I switched from Kaspersky (support emails within 48h) and maybe i will go back in one year if they are not able to fix the problems



  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭

    Thank you all for reporting this situation.

    Our developers are currently investigating the case. We will post back as soon as we have news.

  • lukerg

    I just had the same thing happen this morning. Was this ever resolved?

    Honestly, the parental advisor portion of this product is pretty lame. How can I see web sites my children have visited? It's very confusing to configure this!!

  • Hi Lukerg,

    My understanding is that you can review your childrens activity by going to and logging into your account.

    I found the only fix to the problem mentioned above is to specifically set a time usage for each account. So in the time schedule tab of a childs profile, go under the Daytime limits and select 'Specific'. Then select all the times you wish to have on - I just chose everything for my preference.

    Hope this helps for now until the dev's fix this.