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File Vault Doesn't Work at All

I cannot open a File Vault once it is created.  Here are screenshots of the errors I have gotten trying to use it.  I think it's ridiculous that I paid so much for Bitdefender after reading rave reviews only to find that one of the main reasons I purchased Bitdefender over other options was the encryption tool that doesn't even work.  I have searched everywhere for a fix for this problem, but found nothing.  I have tried to email Bitdefender customer support, but the email contact form on the website doesn't even work.  I either want a real fix for this problem, or I want a full refund.






  • Hello,


    Firstly please ensure you remove any other security solution from the machine

    Secondly ensure you have full administrative rights on that windows user.

    Also try to create the Vault in a different location and see if that makes any difference. (try a different drive or partition)

    Should the issue still persist please use this email to contact our support team and provide them with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.