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Scan SSL - Your Connection Is Not Private


When using Google Chrome and turning on the "Scan SSL" feature in BDIS2017, I sometimes get a "Privacy error" tab result displaying error message "Your connection is not private". When I turn off the "Scan SSL" feature, all web pages display properly. 


  • TimBerty

    As someone mentioned in this guide regarding this type of error, the Scan SSL feature often prevent you from accessing HTTPS websites in some situations and lead to the "Your connection is not private" error in Google Chrome, or "Your connection is not secure" in Mozilla Firefox.

    That said, turning off this feature is a good option to prevent those errors occur.

  • morrigan25

    Hi Laurel Valley,

    This error message will depend on the site/ location you want/ are accessing. This means that BD detects an untrusted certificate/ site.

    Can you provide us what are/ is the action that you did which triggered this?

    Cheers!  default_happy.png