if i turn OFF autopilot am i still fully protected ?

against viruses ransomwares etc ?

or it's recommended to turn it ON ?



  • Hello,


    If you disable the Auto Pilot the product will no longer automate some of its functions.

    That can leave you vulnerable.

    More details HERE

  • Hi yafatana,

    To provide you with additional information regarding this, while the Autopilot is on, modifying any of the settings it manages will result in it being turned off.

    Please be reminded on this.

    Cheers! default_happy.png

  • Hi,

    I just installed Antivirus Plus 2017 and would appreciate some clarification on morrigan25's comment that modifying any of Autopilot's settings will result in it being turned off. This same point is also mentioned on page 18 of the user's manual.

    I changed to "On-accessing scanning" from "Normal" to "Custom" and configured it so everything will be scanned except I did not specify to scan only new files (I want all files to be scanned even if they aren't new.) and I changed "Scanned mapped network drives" to "Autoscan".

    In the main screen, Autopilot still shows as on.

    So my question is: did my making these changes to the Antivirus scan settings turn off Autopilot even though the toggle switch on the main screen still shows it as on? I definitely want Autopilot on.

    Thank you very much for any information you can provide.

    Best regards,