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File vault not working correctly (as per manual)?


Using Win 7, Bitdefender Total Security 2017 (no idea what version as I can't find any 'About' screen)

I created a file vault with a certain name in a certain location, opened it, put a file in it and then the following problems started.

I couldn't lock it.

  • Clicking the second icon down, as the manual states, simply showed me I had one vault open but didn't tell me which one.

  • Right clicking in the vault folder showed the 'Lock' option greyed out.

  • Closing the folder in 'My computer had no effect.

  • Closing the folder and then right clicking the drive letter finally gave me access to a 'lock' menu but clicking it gave me the warning attached saying the drive was in use, even though it was all closed down in explorer.

  • Accepting the offer to close all explorer windows finally seemed to lock the vault and the drive letter disappeared from 'My computer'.

  • This convoluted method of closing a vault does not fill me with confidence

I couldn't delete it

  • Clicking the main widow icon showed me I had one vault, didn't tell me its name and the only option is 'Open File Vault'. (see picture).

  • There is no list of the vaults I have created allowing me to choose which one to delete (or open) and since it doesn't tell me where I had created the vault it was offering to open, I can't delete the encrypted folder using explorer. The only option is to open it which I can't do without the password.

Different behaviour with more than one vault

If I create a second vault,now clicking the main screen icon now show both vaults, with names and offers 'delete' along with 'open',(See the picture showing two vaults). But this does not happen with just one vault.

But with several vaults you cannot see which one is selected

Having made a second vault, I now want to delete one of them. I have selected it in the picture. Can you tell which one is selected? I can't.

But If you look very closely there is a little blue line around one black button! not very obvious and I could easily delete the wrong one.



This all seems a very unreliable way of working, especially with something that might not be used very often so remembering all the steps and peculiarities might be a problem.

Have I completely misunderstood file vaults or its their operation really so awkward?






  • novirus

    After a web search I finally found out where my build number is located - why its not easily accessible from the main screen is anyone's guess.

    Anyway, in case it helps its Build, Engine ver 7.71795, virus signatures 8845786 (although maybe this is how many signatures and not which version of virus signatures. Just another peculiarity of Bitdefender)

  • Honestly This is the first time that I seen this feature from the bitdefender. default_happy.png 

    By the way is your hard-disk is an SSD? I will try this feature then to my bitdefender security and i will double check if I will got the same issue as yours.