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Parental control feature doesn't perform a force shutdown



I have Bitdefender Total Security 2017 and use the parental control feature to monitor my nephew's activity on PC.

I set the time feature to lock the computer after 10pm but my nephew has found a pretty simple workaround: he just click on the shutdown option and cancel the operation before it is finished.

Wasn't it supposed to be a force shutdown? Because this is too simple to be true.


Thanks in advance.



  • May I ask for the screenshot on were he manage to force shutdown the program ? That's a bit odd because Bitdefender has a self protect system which it will not allow any modifications on the program files or registries. The program will only be disabled through safe mode. I am really curious on the process that he done on your computer.  default_happy.png

  • ricardosantos
    edited June 2017

    Actually, he doesn't close bitdefender. He clicks on shutdown, the computer starts to ask to close the softwares and he just press cancel in one of these requests. This stops the shutdown and bitdefender doesn't lock the computer again. So, he is free to play.


    I mean, in the worst case scenario, the parental control should lock the computer again and again until the computer shutdowns or the time reaches the allowed time, right?

  • Sorin G.



    The screen asking to force shutdown applications (application is preventing shutdown) usually occurs when there is a hang.

    Please run a file check and see what application hangs during shutdown, a reinstall would be advisable.