Cannot invoke Safeplay in Standard Browser

I am running a trial of Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 under Windows 10 and am running into a problem with Safepay. It only works if I open a site from within Safepay. If I try to go to one of my banking sites in Firefox Safeplay goes crazy.  When I type the bank’s url into FF it repeatedly opens new Safepay windows. Windows 10 repeatedly prompts me ‘ask for this website’? to which I select ‘ remember for ALL bank sites’. I close all the safepay windows and  try to bring up the bank site in FF and it either brings up a window with garbage characters, opens many browser tabs or some other extraneous garbage.  I should be able to invoke Safepay by  going directly to any financial institution’s web site in FF, Chrome, IE etc.  Can someone assist?  I have been evaluating Bitdefender for a few days now and this seems to be the only glitch so far.



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    Sorry to hear about the situation you encountered.

    Please contact our support team via [email protected] with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool and a screenshot attached.

  • OK. Will do.  Can you just tell me if Adobe Flash is required for Safepay? I avoided installing Adobe Flash because I really do not want it on my computer.

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    No, its not mandatory. However if you access websites with flash content you will not be able to see or interact with that content.

  • Hello Sorin,

    Tech support had me run the repair of Bitdefender.  When I setup the bank sites specifying to ‘automatically open Safepay’  along with the general setting of ‘Automatically open websites in Safepay ‘ it worked.  One thing to note: after the repair and subsequent  setup, SafePay acted bizarre at first (appearing to hang and bringing up a SafePay screen with a “mixed up” format) but then settled down and is now functioning normally (possibly after the re-boot).  I wanted to bring this to your attention because it seems that there may be issues with Safepay in Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. I wonder if anyone else has noticed these types of issues with SafePay.