Far too many false positives ....

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Well, i bought a 2 year subscription for bitdefender total security 2017 recently, and after 2 months of use i threw it off my (windows 10) PC.


1) Far too many files inaccessible due false positives, as i never had issues with them before.

2)  my USB RME audio interface gave me problems since BD has been installed.

3) "Identified" false positives are too hard and complex to reinstall, and also BD keeps seeing them still as not wanted and throws them out again. I used the free 360 Total Security before which also had these type heuristic issues, but once marked as "safe" i had no problems with these files anymore.

4) the BD firewalls' rules interface is simply too complex and time consuming to adjust and backup if you compare it to Comodo's or Zonealarm's free versions, and alas you cannot install these instead of the built-in from BD.

5) the summit for me was when the windows 10 defender was activated automatically after the BD de-installation it immediately found a nasty backdoor virus BD had not seen .....

As such I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED with BD 2017, a waste of good money spent  IMO. BTW I had the same experiences with a bought Webroot in 2016, which also was tested as a topper about a year ago.

PS I am not going to spend time in sending problem files to Bitdefender, already spent too much time investigating what went wrong regarding my USB RME audio interface, now seemingly related to Bitdefender interfering as suggested by tech support on an RME forum.

I am a paying customer IMO once again being used as software tester; been that route too many times before. -F


  • Hi fiddler2007,

    I understand how you feel specially having been through these issues.

    Can you provide more details on your concerns?

    1.) What kind of files that not inaccessible as BD was installed? Have you tried adding them to the exclusion list?

    2.) Did you get any error message?

    3.) Can you provide us with specific details on what are these "Identified" false positives that you mentioned?

    4.) The BD firewall' rules interface are pretty straight-forward. You can actually configure it according to your preference. It just need a little familiarization.

    5.) Can you provide specific details on this?

    I actually had some issues when I first used this product but as of now, I have no problem using this.

    You can actually provide any suggestions by posting on the correct forum and I am pretty sure that it will be much appreciated by them.

    Cheers! default_happy.png

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    The main problem is that all these exception rules and settings are too complex to program in Bitdefender, and IMO too complex. Backup and restore  rules in Bitdefender? Only possible (restore) in safe mode. Besides i had serous problems with a (professional RME) USB 2.0 audio interface, occasional distortion and dropouts. Costed me an awful lot of time to figure out what was the cause ...  Finally found it: yep Bitdefender 2017 firewall. I have 360 Total security (paid) and Zonealarm Free now. Especially Zonealarm, you see all the permissions for internal, external, out- or in bound traffic nicely on one sizable overview window. Three settings for each: OK, ask or block. So much easier to configure. Bypass for fiveminutes or lenger? One each have a directly accessible button on the taskbar. My system runs smoothly now and my USB errors are over. regards, F

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