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Why is it so hard to exclude programs?



This is getting slightly annoying, even if i exclude folders the stupid program still blocks programs that i am trying to execute.

If I launch an application as an admin, then for **** sake don't cry that it is a virus or other ######. I am perfectly aware what i am trying to do here.

So the question is, why does it still blocks things that i have told it to exclude and told it to recover it every time it tries to block it? Only way to run these things is to turn the protection completely off, which basically makes this protection software completely useless.

And when i check the "blocked applications" window, why is there no button to press which says "Unblock/Exclude/Ignore" or something similar?

So is there anything i can do to tell this software not to mess with me, or is the easiest solution to just uninstall Bitdefender Internet Security 2017?