Problems with update

I have uninstalled 2017 without any problems, but...

After rebooting, I lost any  network connection, including the Internet.

Windows firewall started blocking all connections .

 It created a lot of problems.

Bitdefender must(!) cleary explain about it!

Also, now I can't log to my central account .

I am very unhappy!


  • I was able to download BitDefender 2018 - Total Security, but...

    I forgot that I need manually allow my Sandboxie in BD Firewall settings. It's a nuisance but nothing I can do.

    I've opened the BD firewall.

    I cannot move from "Rules" to Network adapters, or Settings, or Add rules because it's "frozen"(!!!).

    I've never had  that(!) kind of problems with BD!


  • I remember when I had problems with Sandboxie while using Bitdefender 2017, I needed to add all those Sandboxie executive files as "BD Firewall Rules".

    With BD 2018 it does not work.

    I've added all those Sandboxie executive files into the BD whitelist, but it does not help.

    Any ideas how to use Sandboxie with Bitdefender Total Security 2018?

  • I was able to download BitDefender 2018