Bitdefender Security Service using high CPU when Outlook open

I am experiencing an odd problem with one of my six machines running Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. When Outlook is open 2016 is open, Bitdefender Security Service (vsserv.exe) runs continually at 20-30% CPU. This is enough to be noticeable and make the fan run. Not a big deal for a bit, but when this happens continually it is troubling. Other machines running the same system (Windows 10 latest update) and same program (Outlook 2016) on the same Bitdefender subscription do not experience this.

It has to be the connection between Bitdefender and Outlook, because closing Outlook causes the CPU to immediately drop to 0. Any help?


  • peterincumbria
    edited July 2017

    I have exactly the same problem, is it anything to do with Skype for business?

    I close outlook and it's ok.


    I can confirm it is nothing to do with Skype.


  • Anyone? Any help at all?

  • peterincumbria
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    Yes - found it, Turn off Bitdefender Antispam then Go to Outlook File / Options /Addins / Manage ->Go (at the bottom) then disable Bitdefender antispam, this will sort out your issue.  I do not need the bitfender antispam, it is done by office 365. Hope this helps.

    PS. Turning off the anitspam in bitdefender on it's own does not solve the issue.

  • I think you are right. I had shut down the Antispam module in Bitdefender (it really is not needed), but I had not disabled the add-in in Outlook - did not think I had to do both. I will see if that works this week.

  • This fix worked for me.  CPU was at about ~25% constantly when outlook was open.  Disabling antispam both through bitdefender and outlook worked (make sure you restart outlook).


  • Same here. Constant 12.5% CPU when outlook is open.

    I have a quad core dual thread CPU which gives me 8 virtual cores. I'm assuming this means it uses 100% CPU of a single thread. (100/8).

    Thanks for the fix, worked after I shut down and started outlook again.