edited August 2017 in Protection

Ok. I'm pretty sick of this by now, and I will not be renewing my BitDefender license, nor will I recommend this product to anyone anymore. In fact, I'll tell them to stay away from it.

I wanted an anti-virus, firewall, file-protection system that I am in control of.

It has happened multiple times by now that I plug in a flash drive, and a file just irretrievably DISAPPEARS from it, with absolutely no obvious options of how to recover it. I checked this in the internet forums before, and this is apparently a BitDefender "feature". The developers apparently decided that there were too many problems with people "not knowing how to use the software".

If I want a file removed, I want to be asked first.

I don't need this Gestapo s#@t on my laptop.

If there are ****** out there in the world among 7 billion people (which there undoubtedly are), who cannot tell the difference between boot_s and forks, or "yes" and "no" options, then the remaining sensible people don't need to be handicapped with equivalent stupidity.

Now I probably have to spend hours looking for a backup of the file I lost. Time is valuable, and I've run out of patience.