Antivirus Suddenly More Aggressive - Preventing Work

I am an contract embedded software developer. This morning, after a Bitdefender update last night, I went to perform my usual tasks and my build tool (tup) and compiler were apparently quarantined by Bitdefender. Except that both executables are in their proper locations (i.e., they have not been deleted, moved or renamed). Under the alarm bell (Notifications) icon I see <notifications.PNG> When I click on a line, I see <notifications 2.PNG>. When I click the VIEW APPLICATIONS button, I see <View Applications.PNG>. NB: tup.exe is the build tool and ccrx.exe is the compiler. When I click on "Open Quarantine to see files", I get an empty list! <Quarantine.PNG>

Prior to this issue I had the C:\Packages directory (within which are the build tool and compiler executables) in my exclusions. I tried adding the specific compiler and build tool directories to the exclusions with no change. I also tried adding the compiler and build tool executables to the exclusions with no change. See <Exclusions.PNG> Now, I am going to have to remove Bitdefender in order to continue working and start looking for an antivirus that doesn't prevent me from earning a living.


View Applications.PNG



Notifications 2.PNG