Advanced Threat Gone beserk


I've installed a new set of tools MCUXpresso IDE - and its sent Bitdefender 2017 beserk.  These are development tools - not for windows but for Nxp microprocessors.

In notifications/Advanced Threat Defence its says detected 31 application as potential threats - no reason given - just blocked.   This doesn't work for me.

I open quarentine to attempt to see the files - but it doesn't show them all. I restore them

Its blocking cmd.exe amongst others.

I can't do any work with this - and its not offering me the options to step through each application.  

So either its saving my computer, or its screwing up my workflow.

THen I use Bitdefender to scan the orginal MCUXpressoIDE_10.0.2_411.exe 580Mbytes -  took 5minutes, which I don't mind so long as its accurate.

Then I try reinstalling - and it doesn't allow some of the previously identified files, already installed to be reinstalled.

Help. How do I figure this out and make it work. Help






  • Well I've had to turn OFF Advanced Threat detection and Trusted application so that I can carry on working.

    I'm judiciously trying to turn some back on. The Add trusted Application interface is very painful. I'd like to be able to add a bin\ directory full of executable files and I can't. Its a very laborious task of adding one at a time. Eachtime starting at the C:\.

    This really is terrible bad UI design - aren't there active product managers or testers looking at how this works.

    Its the same with the Box - App in the useability section of managing newly detected devices on the network its really not manageable.