Settings change themselves

Over time I've gone into the dashboard and noticed that various settings have changed.  The most common and recent example - and the most disturbing one in light of its potential impact - is "automatic update," which has turned itself off.  Any idea how this could happen?


  • This happens because version 2018 simply ######...Such a failure...

  • Another example:  I disable the Antispam feature and it keeps turning itself back on.

  • Hello,


    Can you please tell me when does this occur ? After a reboot / sleep / hybernate ?

    Or does it enable itself after closing the window ?

    Are you running any Profiles ? (Work/Game/Movie)

  • Thanks for your reply.  I'm afraid I don't know exactly when it occurs because I don't regularly check the settings.  I might just notice a warning that BD hasn't been updated lately, so I'll go into the dashboard and notice that it's no longer set to update automatically.  Or every few weeks I'll look around and say, "Wait a minute.  Why is Antispam enabled again?"  It happens irregularly and I can't say what immediately precedes it.  That it happens at all is troubling, of course.  And no, I don't run any profiles.

  • It just happened again, for the second time in a few days.  I restarted my computer and got a warning from BD.  Sure enough, Automatic Update had been disabled again.