"Bitdefender Services Still Loading....."

Why do I see the message for upwards of 30 minutes after starting my notebook when I hover over the B in the tray?  All the while my notebook bogs down, programs particularly Outlook take for ever to start and then give me "has stopped responding messages".  Desktop icons go blank and reload.  Trying to type gets stuttering. Don't see high CPU usage in Task Manager.  Finally it goes away and say in auto-pilot mode.  Sometimes I may as well just walk away for 15 - 20 minutes until the system settles down.  This is particular during updating which takes 30 minutes, why so long to do a daily update????


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    OK checked it on my Computer. On mine the grey symbol went red after 2 minutes ( i live next to Cologne ). On my friends computer in Tangara da Serra (Brazil) it takes ages to turn red. (tested via teamview).

    seems BD servers have problems, the update rolled out (, many use bitdefender....

    dude, its normal. Just wait some time. Only wanted to make you calmer, that all have that problem. ;=)

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    4 hours ago, stinger22 said:

    All the while my notebook bogs down

    Bitdefender does consume a lot of computer resources, but so do other programs at startup.  If you have other protection software (Malwarebytes, Zemana, etc.), those will be "calling home" looking for updates, as does Windows and other installed programs looking for updates.

    It has been my experience that some Notebooks are really lacking in CPU power and RAM, so such delays are normal.  I work on computers, fixing issues, and I have often noted the behaviour that you are experiencing with some of the notebooks that have been brought to me for various issues.  In all of the cases I have dealt with, the problem is that the notebook just didn't have the horsepower to run Bitdefender effectively.

    On my i7 computer (overclocked to 4.5 GHz), SSD OS drive, with 16 GB of really fast RAM, Bitdefender, while always the last to fully load, takes about two minutes to load from a "power on" (Fast Startup is disabled).  On my i7 laptop (1.6 GHz), with only 8 GB of slower RAM using a HDD, Bitdefender takes about five minutes to load completely.  I am running Windows 10 x64 Pro on both computers.

    Resource consumption is the price that must be paid for having the best a/v solution on the market, IMHO.

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  • My start up programs are minimal, just system files to get to the desktop and Bitdefender, and it's not just the loading of Bitdefender to get to the tray icon but for 20 minutes or more it bogs down my Toshiba P55-A and programs cannot run without hitting the "program is not responding" wall and reload the GUI's.  This is not a slouch of a notebook.  Try to answer morning emails, open a spreadsheet, look up a contact.  That's wasted business time.


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    The memory usage and CPU usage are low during all this it is not tapping out my system.