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Cannot access my active Bitdefender account


Just recently, after some kind of update, I've noticed that I don't have my Bitdefender Total Security 2018 in my right-click mouse or in my right-click when I'm move mouse over "Recycle Bin".

No problem, instead of wasting my time and searching the Internet, I've decided to re-install my BD.

I've 391 days left of my BD subscription; therefore, I've clicked on "Go to Bitdefender Central" and entered my ID and password, but...

I could not log in.

There was no message like, "Wrong ID/Wrong password, etc..." 

Just the screen goes back to the Logging window over and over again.

When I've clicked on my "forgot my password", BD Central sent me instructions how to reset my password, but...

I don't want to reset my password. I just want to log in into my active/existing account.

Dear BD, please help me with my unnecessary problem.


  • Marius G.
    Marius G. QA Engineer BD Staff


    Please try clearing your cache and cookies or try a different browser in order to log into your account. 

    Alternatively, in order to solve the initial situation, please reinstall Bitdefender from your Control Panel.