Installing Bitdefender on a 2nd Device

I requested to install Bitdefender on a 2nd computer thru Bitdefender Central which sent me an email entitled 'your app is ready to install. The email must be opened on the new device. The new device only has the Windows firewall running. Can I select the option to download the installer and then transfer the installer to the new device? THen I would run the installer  with the ethernet line initially disconnected.




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    No, the product needs a stable internet connection to deploy on your device.

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             With other internet security suites  (and I believe with my very first Bitdefender install as well) I would start the installer without an internet connection and then connect when the installer prompts for a connection. By the time the installer  prompts for the connection the vital security components (web security threat protection etc) are already in place.   Do you see any problem with this strategy? 

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    No, however I see no security gain.

    While the machine may not be protected running only the installer and nothing else will make no difference if its connected to the internet or not. (security wise)

    Keep in mind the installer itself has its own protection measures as well as the installation scan.

  • ok thank you very much Sorin.