Version update issue

I have two machines running BD2018 on the same account and I appear to have issues with one of them updating DB versions correctly:

One of the machines applied updates to v22.0.18.222 and v22.0.18.224 automatically, however the other machine, even when left for a few days kept saying that it was up to date when checking for updates. Only a manual un-install / re-install made sure that the BD version was upgraded successfully.

Any ideas on why this might happen / what to check to see why one machine was not updating automatically?

Even running 'Update Now' from the interface showed that no updates were available.


  • Hi, 


    We generally release product updates in stages, which means that some computers will receive the updates before others. It can take a few weeks in some cases before the update is released for all our users, though generally the process is faster. 

    Malware Signature updates are however released immediately to all our users.