Constant lengthy updates + bugs

I am getting constant lengthy BD updates which is irritating and slowing down my PC.  This wasn't the case on the 2017 BD version. Does it mean I've got some kind of error with my BD version or are the updates to fix bugs? BD 2018 seems very buggy - eg I have set BD Settings to show the security widget but it doesn't always retain this setting, so I regularly have to reset the Display Widget setting. It seems to happen when family members use the PC using their profiles. BD service desk took over a month to respond to my query about this, suggested I uninstall and re-install BD, which I did. Made no difference.  Really disappointed with BD 2018 usability, I have to say.


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    Thank you for the report. We will be testing the scenario you described with the security widget. As you've noticed, the issue with lengthy updates has already been forwarded to our development team. 

    Just to be clear, when logging in after a different user of the computer, the Widget is no longer displayed? When you check in Bitdefender Settings is the Display Security Widget option still turned on? 

  • When logging in after a different user of the computer, quite often the Widget is no longer displayed. I therefore check the Widget settings and this indicates that Display Security Widget is Off - when I had originally set it to On. So, somehow, BD is changing this setting on its own.  This problem seems to come and go - sometimes the Widget continues to be displayed after logging in after another user, and sometimes it does not.

  • Can you please confirm that the widget is still displayed when logging off from the secondary user account? The setting is global, so if another user turns off the widget, it will be turned off in all user accounts. 

  • Thanks for following up. The widget is now being displayed properly when logging off from secondary user accounts. I've checked and the Widget setting is set to Display for all other users.  This was the case previously (we haven't changed anything) when I was finding that the Widget Display setting was being switched off. Anyhow, not sure if one of the endless BD updates has sorted out the issue or if it's going to recur - the problem was intermittent previously, so I can't tell for sure if it fixed.

  • OK. We haven't been able to reproduce this issue since you've reported it. If it starts occurring again, please let me know. 

  • The problem has recurred. After use by secondary users (each of whom had the Display Security Widget set to On), I have just logged on as primary user and found the Widget set to Off, so I have had to reset it to On yet again. The problem seems to go away for a while but after several days of PC use by secondary users, it recurs.  I'm not sure if that helps you when you trey to reproduce the issue.  It may also be worth noting that secondary users are not signing out after use, they just shut down the PC.

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    We'll try to reproduce this scenario as well. Thank you. 

    Edit: are you absolutely certain that this is not a case of the other user closing the widget manually? They wouldn't need to enter Settings, it would be enough to press the X button in the right corner of the widget. 

  • I've checked with other users in my family - they aren't closing the widget manually.  The problem is persisting - yesterday I again had to manually reset Display Widget to On.