Bitdefender can't update

Bitdefender can't update. The vsserv.exe is running non stop but can't connect to update, although it managed to update successfully once yesterday in between a heap of unsuccessful attempts. Doesn't seem to make sense that it would work one minute then not the next.

On top of that, BD still takes about 14 minutes to load, way to slow, and when the widget finally loads I click on it and nothing happens. Have to use the desktop shortcut to open BD and when it opened, it showed I didn't have a wallet, then it took a couple of minutes for it to work out I actually do have a wallet.

Starting to think BD is a dud. My computer certainly works a lot faster without it.



  • Hi, 

    I'm so sorry to hear your computer is still not working well with Bitdefender.

    vsserv is the main protection service, and should be up at all times and using some amount of resources since the real time protection will scan any files you access. 

    Can you check if you received an email from me from yesterday on the ticket you have opened?