Change location of Safepay downloads

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By default: C:\Users\"name"\Downloads\Bitdefender Safepay

I can't find how to change the location of the Bitdefender Safepay folder (I have an SSD for Windows OS and second hard drive for all data and docs which is where I want to move the Bitdefender Safepay folder to)



  • Sergiu C.



    It's not currently possible to change the download location for Safepay. 

  • rossario
    edited October 2019

    Why not? I've also changed all Windows 10 pathes for documents, pictures etc and also for downloads. But bitdefender doesn't use the redirection of the path "downloads". It always creates a new path like Andy9999 shows. That is not necessary - bitdefender should use the redirected path. Best way should be a possibility to change that path. Please think it over!

    It's even the same in Bitdefender 2020 - and it blocks smoothly work.